About the Manchester Chapter-BHS

Having been chartered in 1963, the Manchester Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society has been preserving the joy of singing in the barbershop style for over 50 years in the city of Manchester.  Our chorus, “The Silk City” chorus has performed for thousands throughout the years and has consistently been ranked as the best performing barbershop chorus in Connecticut as well as one of the best choruses throughout New England.  Our annual show, held in January of each year, has showcased not only the talents of our chapter, but has featured the best quartets from all over the world and has earned the reputation of a show that cannot be missed.

Members of our chapter come from all walks of life and represent all age groups.  Currently we have close to 70 men who maintain their membership with us, with about 40 to 45 members being active participants with the chorus.  The only requirement we have for membership is the ability to “carry a tune” and match pitch.  None of our members are professional singers and we all help each other improve our skills as vocalists.  Our weekly rehearsals are up-beat, enthusiastic and provide a great opportunity for each of us to improve not only individually but as an ensemble.  We compete twice a year and the chorus performs throughout the Manchester area during the year.

We are a proud non-profit!  The chapter recently has partnered with MARC, Inc., a local organization that provides opportunities and resources for people with disabilities in the Manchester area.  Through our donations of money and our performing talents, we strive to make a difference with our singing as we support MARC in their mission.